No excuses = No regrets

When someone is drowning, it’s not the time to give swimming lessons. Shut up and help.

When life gets mental… get… physical!

You’ll never complain your way to happiness.

Want a free face-lift? Smile!

Rushing and hurry are signs of an amateur. I should know.

Movement is MAGIC!

You’re so fast with that remote for the TV and yet so slow with the remote in yo’ head! Change your mind, feel the peace.

Gratitude is a magic wand that turns everything you have…into everything you want.

I eat so much sugar, I thought I’d be sweet, not fat.

Kill your excuses before they kill you.

There is no happiness without action. And there is no action without energy. No energy, No life.

Sitting won’t create energy. You can’t fall asleep walking.

This world is as perfect as you are!

You want energy? Ya gotta make it yourself. Energy is homemade. Your batteries are in your feet.

I don’t diet, I just don’t buy it.

You are an artist. Painting joy with every beautiful thought.

EVERY healthy meal…is a heal-thy self meal.

Do the WORST thing- The FIRST thing. Git ‘er dun!

Lift your heart upwards in gratitude.
It corrects the mind and the body.

A healthy meal IS a happy meal.

Is your food processed or killed?
Then it’s dead. Dead food kills energy.
Food closest to its live state, gives life.

Remember the good. We are negative by nature. We kinda muck stuff up. Were human so that’s a given.

I encourage you to write down one good thing that happened every day. We always remember the crap. Express what I call the rose of the day, the positives you witness. Because the ugly crap always floats to the surface while the sweet stuff sinks.

Thank you God for another day… to exercise.

Good posture and a big smile are anti-aging!

Exercise heats you up to release healing chemicals in your body and detox the yucky ones out of your body.

Exercise is hard but not as hard as being weak.

You’re not sweating, Darling. You’re detoxing!

Only Exercise the muscles you want to continue to use.

Value those who push you to uncomfortable places.
You’ll find more of your true self there.

If it’s physical…
it’s therapy!


Holding on to a bad thought is like holding onto a hot poker. It’s burning a hole in your noggin and destroys you. Let it be!

Happiness is an inside job, a DIY project. It starts at the top.

You grow up the day no one has to lie to you. Because they can trust your reactions.

Home is where your heart IS.

Being happy requires nothing.
Literally… No thing(s)!

Energy is homemade. Your batteries are in your feet… ha!

If you could have changed it, it already would be done.

Accept reality now or go through all the lies, the denial and misery and then…accept reality. Why waste time?

Reality is the foundation of truth. Reality is neutral.
Your opinion makes it good or bad

Smart, honest people accept reality and the truth without making it negative.

Be honest- you have the time.
You don’t have the want.
And that’s ok, until it’s not.

FAST food = SLOW body

FAST food = FAST death

Ronald, Carl, Jack, Wendy, Denny
Deliciously deadly from the brain down!

Until you’ve had enough suffering, you will not change.

The closest thing to heaven is to accept reality, forgive often, want what you have and love unconditionally.

Love is work. But then again it’s the most worthy of jobs.

Love is the answer…and there is no question.

Love never broke anyone’s heart.
Fear is the only thing that can.

Forgive others for not being YOU.
They get to act, speak and do as THEY are.
You get to do YOU. I get to do ME. Let’s dance!

Remember that old saying, God don’t make junk? True. That’s humans’ job!

Bitter in the mouth, Better for the body.

Nothing is black & white, absolute… except facts.
Facts are not 99% true.

Small incremental steps taken consistently
take you farther than regrets!

GREAT FULL = Full of Great!

Many mistakes; Much learning. I’ve goofed so much you’d think I’d have a PhD, by now!

More Expectations = More Frustrations.

Nothing’s too hard for me. I’ve done harder stuff than this.

You said you wanted to. Prove it!
You said you’d try. Prove it!

Less Expectations = WAY More Happiness

Remembering is the first step into gratitude.

Kids Expect. Grownups Accept.

If it shouldn’t be, It wouldn’t be.

Why oh, why do I have to be so perfectly human?

I’d rather have wings than things.
Let it go! Let’s go!

The best reward is “Mission accomplished.”
The “treat” for it should be something that supports the goal, not has you sliding back down!

The reason self-praise is important
is because there is no agenda.

Strong is the new beautiful.
Get strong and you’ll feel beautiful.

Healthy Thoughts = Healthy Actions

When someone is in need, do not delay. No one needs an umbrella in the sunshine.